TEPLOFF HEAT FILM Scientific production association AVIS was established in 2006. Today the company makes heating film floors under mark TEPLOFF.

In the market of heating systems we represent a high-technology product - the film heating floor created as a result of introduction in manufacture of the advanced scientific designs of experts of research department SPA “AVIS”.

Technologies and a know-how applied at making of a heating film TEPLOFF allow to organize a power efficient system of the basic and additional (comfortable) heating in premises of different function.

TEPLOFF HEAT FILM SCHEME Innovativeness of the product is a special design of the film, as well as the unique technology of production:

- The spread of power from heating film TEPLOFF is only 2-3% (in the films of other producers, this figure varies between 10-30%).

- Heating film TEPLOFF effectively operates as when excessive, and at a low voltage in the mains - permissible variation +10% / -15%.

- TEPLOFF - the only product in its class, produced in the form of dimensional strips with attached wires and insulation. Significantly increased speed of installation and fully exclude possible errors when connecting. How to connect the factory wires, used in sets of warm floor TEPLOFF is one of the most reliable. The technology is patented!

Production TEPLOFF is protected by the state patents and copyright certificates, certificated under the Russian and international standards.




Ecological properties of goods: technologies can't do harm to the environment, you shouldn't use oil, gas and other kinds of fuel.

Economic feasibility: cost of installations are much lower than with other kinds of warm floor, because “dry” strainer is used (especially during the sets installation, because they are edited with lines). During the exploitation it uses less energy (30%) in comparison with other electric radiators.

Ergonomics: warm floor is optimal according to its physiological criteria, because your feet are on warm space and the air on the level of your head doesn't overheat.

Manufacturability: production of heating the film on high-tech equipment (most of the factories producing warm film do not have equipment that meets the requirements for the production TEPLOFF products).

Stability: due to using modern equipment and control of quality we succeeded to reach equal application of carboniferous paste on basic membrane. As a result, the spread of power of the membrane TEPLOFF is about 2-3%,that is not so low in others membrane, which have spread of power about 10-30%. Decrease in spread of power of membrane makes possible violation of stable work of temperature responsive control lower and leads to increase in adjusted power.

Steady warming: frequent position of carboniferous fields and stable power of carboniferous layer make warm be more stable.

Fixity: during producing of heating membrane TEPLOFF polymer films of optimal thickness are used that let make the lamination more safe. It also let heating membrane TEPLOFF be more fixed and stable in exploitation.

Safety: the way of connection wires used in sets of heating floor TEPLOFF is one of the most safety row. This way is protected by patent.

Innovativeness: construction of elements zone of membrane let distribute rationally and decrease current electric load. In places of connection of carbon with copper tire, through silver layer provide with long and dependable work of heated film TEPLOFF.

Longevity: selection of optimal configuration of copper tire during production of heated membrane TEPLOFF let us avoid the violation of contact silver layer in place of connection of carbon resistance material with electrically conductive tire, that gave us almost 100% power arrearage of this element.

Constancy: carbon heat-generating strips are in groups (6 peaces in group).Longitudinal strip, which connects groups, provides with better connection with copper tire, providing more stable distribution of current and stable heating of film.


Application facilities of the heating film TEPLOFF are very wide. It can be used for heating as living quarters and large industrial targets.



The basic heating

The heating floor “TEPLOFF” perfectly approaches for exploitation in places without centralized system of heating, for example in country cottages. The construction of heating film provides excellent warming up of a floor even at the lowered voltage in a power line. The heating floor is convenient in inter-season period when the central heating doesn't work and the weather is cool outside.

Additional (comfortable) heating

By means of the heating floor “TEPLOFF” it's easy to create a comfortable temperature microclimate indoors when the centralized heating warms up space insufficiently.

Such kind of heating is actual in flats, hotels, hospitals and clinics, kindergartens and health-improving camps as well as in sports complexes.


Characteristics Value (for 50 cm width) Value (for 80 cm width)
Nominal voltage 220V. 220V.
Tolerance of the mains supply voltage +10% / -15%. +10% / -15%.
Electrical resistance of 1 linear meter length 0,336Оm ± 3%. 0,538Оm ± 3%.
Nominal heat capacity 90W/l.m./ 180ВW/m2. 144W/l.m../ 180W/m2.
Range of variation of nominal capacity +3% / -3% +3% / -3%
Rated current 0,41A/m. 0,65A/m.
Maximum current at deviation of mains supply 0,45A/m. 0,72A/m.
Maximum power at deviation of mains supply 109W/ l m/ 218 W /m2. 174 W/ 1 m/ 218 W /m2.
Minimum effective voltage 180W. 180W.
Minimum effective power 60V/m/120V/m2. 96 V/m./120V/m2.
Heating film thickness 0,3mm. 0,3mm.
Heating film width 502mm ± 2mm. 802mm ± 2mm.
Section length 100mm. 200mm.
The length of one roll of heating film 150m. 100m.
Marking the heating film length using a figure line with discrete value. 1m. 1m.
Maximum heating film length when cutting the film 8m. 10m.
Maximum length of measured strip with wired supply section of 0,5mm2 6m. 8m.
Permissible operating temperature of heating film in floors constructions 80ºС 80ºС.

Business Offer



Scientific-production association AVIS is enlarging its attendance on the international market. The company is interested in long-term partnership with partners in the direction “warm floor”.


1. Possibility to develop your business in new segment with the help of selling heating film floor, made on the base of innovative energy-saving technologies.

2. Possibility to enlarge the production range with the help of heating film floor attraction of additional customer category.


Warm floor “TEPLOFF” is a high-tech product, produced as a result of close cooperation of specialists of scientific department of “AVIS” company with the plant-producer in South Korea.


During the research process of heating film floor it was found out that high possible defection from proper parameters (25%). High on-peak load on the supply mains? Some temperature arrearage of film overheat for inadmissible mode of heat-insulation are the disadvantages of membrane. Besides, almost all films have the risks of metamorphic aureole violation as a result of specific connection of copper tire with silver streak.


As a result of tests our specialists made and gave us new structure of material as well as special technology of film production- film “TEPLOFF”. Products are made in 2 kinds: dimensional streak and finished sets that let us sell it successfully.

Heating film “TEPLOFF” recommended itself successfully in different Russian regions, CIF and also in China.


There is a program of partners supportment in the matters of advance and sale of warm floor. The program forsees promotional materials as well as help in arrangements which can increase the number of sells. The feature of the program is the consultation service in the matters of warm floor specificity and technologies of gross and retail sale.

We invite you to discuss the forms and conditions of cooperation.


News & Events

News & Events

About Company

boxes Scientific and Production Association AVIS was founded in 2006. Nowadays we are the warm floor’s manufacturer under the brand TEPLOFF. The basis of business concept is an innovative approach to all activities. At the heating systems market we present high-tech product – floor heating film, produced by introduction engineering developments of AVIS R&D specialists into the manufacturing process.

Our company’s engineers have been working under development of a perfect product which characteristics would meet the most stringent consumer demands. Continuous researches and tests embodied into new improved manufacturing technology and special material composition of the heating film – TEPLOFF heating film.

The basis of our development strategy is a combination of unique product and instant reaction on changes of market conditions. That’s why our company regional network has grown up to 400 branches in Russia just for 4 years. Our representative office in Guangzhou is meant for establishment foreign relations



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Why Teploff?

Because of the frequency of the heating conductor strips (3 – 13 mm) and the safeguards preventing overheating (the temperature of heating strips can be no more than 55 degrees Celsius) this system is the gentlest type for heating wood and laminate floors. It can be widely used in apartments, balconies, cottages and country houses.

Easy to install
Heating film installation is simple, takes little time and is handy even to the non-specialist

The texture of the heating film makes it possible to minimize the cutting waste The heating film heat transfer is several times higher compared to cable heating systems The control system saves up to 50% of electricity

Healthy heating
Heat radiation has a beneficial effect on human health

Using Teploff under-floor heating film makes it possible to heat up any horizontal, vertical or inclined surfaces of any area

If you decide to move, you can always take your floor-film with you

Durability and mechanical damage resistance
In case of mechanical damage only the narrow strip or section of the film breaks down (parallel strips connection) which allows for easy repair. Heating film is durable and corrosion-proof for a long period of time (usual period of polyethylene distortion exceeds the lifetime of most buildings).

Hot Film Floor

Our quality assurance and commitment to every client:

1. Control of nonconforming product.
2. Series of tests for physical characteristics of the raw material. Silver resistance level test. Surface resistance test. Air proof test. Compression test, shrinkage test and others.
3. Standard qualities test. Supplying the products that have passes quality standard tests.
4. Test for coating of carbon and silver.
5. Visual inspection.
6. Exfoliation test.
7. Laminex quality test. Tests for a presence of foreign particles. Floor flatness of laminex.
8. Test for air layers.
9. Checking the delivery time.